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Advice when hiking in Norway

The children's own trip rules


  • All children can go on a hike.

  • We would like to bring a friend.

  • We will help plan the trip.

  • We want to go ahead and set the pace.

  • We want to have time to play and experience exciting things along the way.

  • We want to have time to talk about what we see and experience on the trip.

  • We want something good to eat at the top.

  • We want to enjoy ourselves in the evening when we are on an overnight trip.

  • We don't want to be frozen, wet or scared.

Information from the Tourist Association.

We are all different with different experiences and levels of knowledge.

In order for you to have the best possible hike, it is wise to think about:

  • Be realistic in relation to your own fitness and strength - don't embark on too long and demanding trips

  • It is better to have a shorter, good trip, than a long, too demanding one.....

  • Bring food and drink on all hikes; it is good to take a break and have something to eat and drink

  • Dress for the weather - and bring an extra sweater, headwear and neckerchief; it can be colder in the mountains

  • Enjoy the trip, look around you, listen and enjoy nature

Norwegian right to roam the countryside - and duties

In Norway, we have the "allemanssretten" - the right to roam the countryside -, which gives us the right to travel in outlying areas - and it is important to know that it does not apply in fields and farms, where people live  -peoples private areas.

 Areas such as courtyards, house plots, cultivated land and similar areas where public traffic will be a nuisance for the owner of the land, are not part of the "allemannsrett".

In practice, this means you may roam forests, mountains, marshes and coastal areas, which make up most of the country.

Whether an area is a place you can roam or not is not always self-evident. In many cases, it requires a discretionary assessment - and if anyone lives there, you can just ask :-) It is best all the time to ask the landowner if you are not sure - or someone you meet on your hike.

The Norwegian right to roam the countryside.pdf

Nice apps to download to take on a hike

Norgeskart - here you can download a map so you have it when you don't have coverage

More to come.....

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