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You may order a breakfastbasket for the cabin that you may enjoy in the morning.  We deliver the basket on your door in the evening, so you may enjoy it anytime you are ready in the morning.  Choose the basket size that suits you. You may buy as many as you like.

Smal breakfastbasket

The basket contains 2 slices of bread, toppings and beverages.  Kr. 70.-


Medium breakfastbasket

The basket contains 5 slices of bread, toppings and beverages. Kr. 150.-

Large breakfastbasket

The basket contains 12 slices of bread, toppings and beverages. Kr. 320.-

Toppings and beverages

real butter, eggs from our own hens or ducks, the cheese Fjelldronning from Avdem gardsysteri (a local cheese maker), brown cheese and meattoppings from Bjorli fjellmat (a local meat maker).

You may choose from coffe, tea, tea made of local herbs, homemade juice of dandelion or what herb that is flowering at the time or milk.

There are also tomato, cucumber and some greens from the farm.


Please let me know if you have any allergies, intolerances or other dietary requirements. I can adapt to most things. 

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