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Bjørnekleiva Cabinrental

Welcome to a slightly different cabin rental!

Stay in a tiny cottage yard where we have focus on rest, quiet and nature experiences.

Here you will find the information in English - it is mostly in Norwegian on the booking site.
Please read all the information on this site.
What we have at our cabin rental?
  • 2 cabins 

  • Sanitary building with 2 bathrooms; each cabin have a bathroom to themselves

  • Sanitary building also contains a smal kitchen where you find drinkingwater, and equipment for cleaning the cabin and wash kitchen utensils 

We follow current guidelines for the corona virus.

Cleaning the cabin

You clean the cabin before your departure. We can clean the cabin and the kitchen utilities against additional payment. You can choose this when you book a cabin.

If you have allergies to animals so we have to wash well, we do it against a cleaning fee. But we must point out that it is extremely difficult for us not to have allergens in the cabins.

Smoking and alcohol

No smoking in or around the cabins. Alcohol is not permitted in such quantities that there is noise and partying. This is a farm. 

Animals are allowed

Dogs, cats and horses are allowed Dogs and cats must be kept on a leash; we have animals and birds nearby that have to be safe.

Animals from other countries than Norway must have documentation from the Norwegian health department.

Horses can walk on our land and graze with our animals.


We do not have wifi. But there are 4G nett in the area that is stabel and works well.

Cabin construction and maintenance

The cabins were built in the 1990s by Heidi's father, Birger - and the timber in the cabins are from our own forest :-)

We are arranging the outdoor area around the cabins - there is a lot to tackle here!

Both from painting the outside of the houses, shaping the trees a little prettier, putting up flower boxes, signs and other things that make the cottage yard cosy.

We hope those of you who want to stay with us understand that it takes some time to arrange everything.

We use our creativity when we arrange the cabins and outdoor area, and a lot of reuse.

Then it may take a little longer than if we had just shopped for everything we need.

But so much more fun we have it :-)

utleiehytte, campinghytte, overnatting


A cabin with a bunk bed, sleeping loft, small kitchen and sofa corner. Space for 5 people.

utleiehytte, campinghytte, overnatting


A cabin with two bunk beds, small kitchen and sofa corner. Space for 5 people.



Here are two bathrooms; a bathroom for each cabin, and a small kitchen with water.

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