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Heidi is working with the text - and will finish for the summerseson 2023

Welcome to Bjørnekleiva Cabinrental and Farm

We are closed for the winter from 20 September 2022 until 25 May 2023

Welcome to a bit different cabin rental!

For you who wants to stay in a tiny cottage yard where we have focus on rest, quiet and nature experiences.

We have flat, nice, short, steep, hard and long hikes in the mountains, in the forest or around the farm.

We also wish dogs, cats and horses welcome to stay with us!


Read more for information and inspiration for hikes, activities and more!

What we have?

  • 2 cabins in their own yard

  • Sun til late night in the summer

  • Buy fresh eggs from our hens and ducks

  • come with me to the barn and meet the animals

  • 35 min. by car to Åndalsnes



We have 2 simple cabins located in a separate yard on the farm.

We have a fantastic view down Romsdalen and the mountains around us, and walking opportunities for those who like flat, quiet walks and those who want an adrenaline rush and everything in between.


Kr 700.- 



We have nice, short walks around the farm after a day in the car. We also have board games and outdoor games. Anyone who wants to can join and meet our animals and feed them.

We wish you

exciting experience



With Bjørnekleiva as a base, you can travel in a large area both locally on Verma-Bjorli-Lesja, and you can take day trips to both Ålesund, Molde, Oppdal, Eikesdalen, Geiranger and Lom - and everywhere in between there are fantastic hiking areas both in the mountains and in the forest. The Romsdals gondola is 35 minutes away from us.



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