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Activities at our farm

We want those of you who visit us to have activities, trips and exciting experiences with us.

Our aim is for children and adults of all ages to have experiences in nature

where they experience joy, self-belief and wonder.

We are a living yard with animals both inside and outside the fence, vegetable fields and herb garden and lots of nature!

If you wish, you can join us in what we do when you are here.

There are several tours that you can go and experience, which take from 15 minutes to 1-2 hours.

These are great for those of you staying overnight,

and you get to see some of the special places that

surrounds our farm.

Welcome to meet our animals!  

Join us inside the fence and get up close and personal with our animals and birds.

Heidi joins in and talks about how we treat the various animals - what they like and don't like, what their names are and answers what the children wonder about - and also the adults.

We feed them and take care of them.

Maybe we'll meet a cat too.

Outdoor games, board games, legos and comic books!  


We have outdoor games for children at all ages.. In Det Lille Tyttebæret you can borrow both board games, Legos and comic books.

We live in the middle of a large playground; trees to climb, nature to play in, flowers to pick and much more!


Watch the fairytale of how the Trollveggen came to be - history and drawings made by local artists. It is in Norwegian. 

Filmen Sagnet om Trollveggen

The kitchen garden

Welcome to my kitchen garden; vegetable fields, herb garden, strawberries, berry bushes all around the farm!

Here I grow different things that I like to eat - and my goal is to grow enough to be self-sufficient. And in addition could have a little extra for those of you who live in our cabins.


We live in the middle of a dinner plate! All around us in nature, there are a lot of edible plants and berries, and there is a lot of good things to make.

Feel free to join me in the kitchen garden and/or in nature if you feel like it!

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