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Hikes on the farm

We live on a farm with many nice hikes that you can enjoy when you come to us.

These are small walks that take from 15 minutes to 1-2 hours, depending on how long you will be on the walk.

Here is a small selection of hikes you can enjoy.

All hikes have detailed descriptions in the cabins.


The swimming pool is well hidden in the Rauma river, with rock walls on several sides. The basin is surrounded by rocks and huge stones. And the water is perfectly clear. There is a small sandy beach that is nice to play in. The water is freezing cold - although it is a little warmer on a hot summer days.

We have been here a lot with the children - and it is an exciting area.

Just keep a close eye on where the children are and what they are doing! The Rauma River flows in thick streams on the other side and are dangerous to fall into.

On the trip down to Badekulpen you can also see Kleivfossen and Svarthøln.

It's a good idea to bring food - it's easy to get hungry when you're having fun in the water.

Info about the trip:

It's faster going down to the hot tub than it is back home... there are some steep parts. But it's fine for everyone to go, just take your time.

Along Kleivsvingene - the old road

The Old Kleivsvingene is the road loop that runs past the farm.

This is the old county road, and we can see cultural relics from the Second World War, staff stones, and trees and flowers

It is nice to take a walk along the road both up and down.

Info about the trip:

Estimate 30 min-1 hour on the trip

This is a walk everyone can take, and you can use a pram.

Old King's road and Kuhaugen 

The Old King's road is a cozy and easy walk.

You can see old staff stones, remains of homesteads and viewpoints which are lovely!

You can choose how long you want the trip to be - from taking a round trip around the summer barn at Kuhaugen or you turn around whenever you want.

Info about the trip:

It lasts as long as you want - from 10 minutes to 2 hours.


The Kleivgrytene are two potholes located wildly by the Rauma River. The widest pot is 12 meters deep, while we have no idea how deep the small one is - it is full of sand.

The scenery around the pot is also fascinating, and worth the trip. It is simply raw nature!

Info about the trip:

Time: 30 min - 1 hour

Wear good shoes!

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