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Bjørnekleiva as Tour Base

With Bjørnekleiva as a base, you can travel in a large area both locally on Verma-Bjorli-Lesja, and you can take day trips to both Ålesund, Molde, Oppdal, Eikesdalen, Geiranger, Oppdal, Otta, Vågå, and Lom - and everywhere in between there are wonderful hiking areas both in the mountains and in the forest.

We are 35 minutes from Åndalsnes with the Romsdals gondola and Romsdalseggen.

See also the blog for more information about various tours.

Sandgrovbotn, fjell, høyfjell


Sandgrovbotn is a high mountain area. There is a dirt road into the mountain. There are many walks and nice areas here - both for those who are used to walking and those who want their car nearby. At the very end of the road, you can go forward to see Mardalsfossen from the back - a lovely walk.

seter, kulturminne, setertun

Cultural heritage

Brøstsaga is a reconstruction of an old sawmill where you can get a tour.

The Kyllingbrua is among the most famous Norwegian railway bridges. You can walk down to the viewpoint.

And there are many more...

Brøstdalen, bru over Ulvåa, natur, fjell


Brøstdalen is a mountain valley with meadows, beautiful nature and the starting point for mountain hikes to some of the tourist association's cabins. There are old paths and cultural monuments. Blue. a memorial to Kabbin.


Hiking trails

There are a number of lovely hiking trails on Verma - which go to seats and all the way up to the mountains too.

Døntind, fjell, natur,


Vermefjellet is a beautiful mountain area surrounded by mighty mountains. Here you will find many centers and cultural monuments. There are also opportunities for hunting and fishing in the area.

zipline2 VillaVerma.jpg

Villa Verma

Villa Verma is the place for you who want some action - over the Rauma river!! Here you can have several exciting gorge experiences. Here there are 3 zip lines that go over the river - and other exciting things for those who want a wild experience.

Verma - our local area
We have several beautiful mountain areas, cultural monuments and old paths and roads.



Hiking paths

Down Romsdalen there are several hiking trails and beautiful areas you can visit.



Romsdalseggen, Via Ferrati, Rampestreken, Kløvstien opp Trollstigen to mention a few.

Rampestreken, Åndalsnes, utsikt, natur,


Åndalsnes is Norway's capital of the mountains, and is a cozy town deep in the Romsdalsfjord. Here you get fjords and green meadows with snow-capped mountains.

The mountain villages Bjorli  og Rånå, og Lesja kommune

Bjorli, Vetlegrenda


Bjorli is in a mountain village and is known for its ski resort. Here we also have a high and low park, nice walks in the woods and fields, grocery store, cafe, petrol station and small shops. The picture shows the only street in the village.

Rånå, Rånåkollen, jorde, åker, fjell, natur, kulturlandskap


Nice area to go for walks in - here is a walk up Rånåkollen, in forest and fields.

Lesjaskogsvatnet, lesjaskog, kano, vann, natur

Lesja Commune

Lesja commune is an agricultural municipality and here there are animals in the forest and fields. In addition to Bjorli and Rånå, we have Lesjaskogsvatnet, roads in the mountains and walks in the forest and fields.

Day trips from Bjørnekleiva



Per hytte

Molde is the city of roses and you will find most of what you want in one city.

travel time by car

2 hours

Geiranger, utsikt, natur


Per hytte

Geiranger is a beautiful fjord that everyone should visit at least once in their life!

travel time by car

3 hours



Per hytte

Ålesund is a city that has a lot of exciting things to offer.

travel time by car

2 hours

Lom, stavkirke, elv, fjellbygd


Per hytte

Lom is a real mountain village with brown-tiled houses and a river with ice water.

travel time by car

2 hours



Per hytte

Oppdal is a mountain village with distinctive shops, nice walks and winter ski lifts.

travel time by car

2 hours

foss, Eikesdalen, Mardalsfossen, skog, sti, natur


Per hytte

Mardalsfossen is the world's fourth highest free waterfall - and northern Europe's highest!

travel time by car

2h 30min

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