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Activities in the area

There are a lot of activities in the area you can attend
between Dombås and Åndalsnes.
Click on "More info" and you will be taken to the site's website.

Please note that you may have to book well in advance.

The pictures are from my own photoliberay.

Moskus Safari

Join a guided musk safari at Dovrefjell. They also have moose safaris, lectures, bird watching and other activities. ​


Sted: Dovrefjell

Avdem gardsgrønt

Outside Avdemsbue stands a wooden cart - here you can buy fresh vegetables grown just below Avdemsbue in a market garden. They are grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizers - completely natural.


Sted: Lesja


Take the trip to Lorkverna and see a living cultural monument with, among other things, mill use. Here there is also a barbecue and a campfire.



Oii Oii

Exciting shop at Bjorli that has both clothes, housewares, exciting food, occasionally fresh bread, delicious ice cream and other goodies.


Sted: Bjorli

XY Bjorli

Yx Bjorli is a gas station.  Now it also sells fishing licenses and rents out boats on Ulvådalsvatnet.

Reservation of boat 61245590


Sted: Bjorli

Verma Nærbutikk

Here you will find food - but also handicrafts of various kinds; knitting, handmade bags and ceramics - and a used corner :-)

They also have petrol/diesel at very good prices!


Sted: Verma


Take a spectacular gondola ride. At the top there is a restaurant and an amazing view!


Sted: Åndalsnes


Here you will find Norway's highest indoor climbing wall - and several climbing trails, and also climbing for the youngest. There is also a climbing museum here that you can visit.


Sted: Åndalsnes

"Ka Skjer"?

Overview of cinemas, cultural experiences and (political) meetings that take place in Rauma municipality.


Sted: Åndalsnes


Here there are many different offers for those who want to ride a horse - both children's riding, for adults who are new to it and the experienced.

05_06_3 - Kopi (2).JPEG

Sted: Lesja

Lesja Bygdemuseum

The village museum has many activities and events throughout the summer. Take a look at the website and see what's going on when you're here.


Sted: Lesja


Lesjaskogsvatnet has outlets at both ends, which is rare. You can rent a canoe or rowing boat at Lesjaskog Camping, go for a walk along the water, fish and swim.


Sted: Lesjaskog - Lesjaverk


Interior shop and Cafe at Bjorli with an exciting range of products.


Sted: Bjorli

Sagelva vasskraftverk

Get a guided tour of the hydroelectric power plant. Experience 300 years of hydropower.


Sted: Stueflotten

Stavem Gård

Stavem Gård offers fishing for Raumasalmon. They are located at Verma, in spectacular nature and very good fishing opportunities.


Sted: Verma

Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata

For those who want to climb in wild nature! There are two climbing routes filled with adrenaline, mastery and fantastic views.


Sted: Åndalsnes


1.-8. July there are activities, games, trips for all ages. Look at the program if there is something you would like to participate in.


Sted: Åndalsnes


Here you can buy cheeses produced on the farm below, buy good food and there are many exciting local products on the shelves. The cafe itself is shaped like a cheese, and has a lovely view!


Sted: Lesja

Vigga Vekst

Here you can learn fly fishing, and to take advantage of the natural resources around us, i.a. short-distance food, botanical mountain tour, climbing the barn wall. Arrangements here must be booked well in advance.


Sted: Lora

Høyt og lavt

Climbing park at Bjorli. 7 slopes and 10 zip-lines. Suitable for all ages.


Sted: Bjorli

Bunnpris Bjorli

Grocery store at Bjorli.


Sted: Bjorli

Villa Verma

Visit the altitude park at Verma. There are 3 zip-lines over the Rauma river close to Kylling Bru. Here you can also take part in guided mountain climbing tours.


Sted: Verma

Romsdal Aktiv

Ecotourism company with a multitude of activities in the hidden gems of the wilderness. Take a look and see what they offer :-)


Sted: Åndalsnes


Are you ready to go on one of the world's finest mountain hikes? Book the bus in advance - it fills up quickly!


Sted: Åndalsnes


Diner with exciting food:-) And the city's best backyard (and the only one...)  Also sells local art, local food and various products.


Sted: Åndalsnes

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